Ten Living Room Ideas That Will Make You Want To Redesign Your Space


The living room is the most important part of the house by being the space where the family gathers, relaxes, and entertains guests. This is where comfort is most needed in the house, so it is important to design a space that is both warm and functional. Large, floor-to-ceiling windows with custom built-in furniture, such as bookcases, and with the right accessories, the living environment can be filled with functional yet elegant visual details. During this design process, it would be best to find your own style instead of following the trends since they change with every passing day and would be unrealistic to meet the needs of all of them. Home decor trends and living room designs should appeal to the person’s interests and needs. To get inspired, check out these dreamy living room tips;

1 - Warm Interiors


Despite the design trends, modern yet cozy rooms end up being the most elegant looks in the living room. Adding clean touches to your room with the use of warmer tones and materials can help to strike balanced and dreamy living spaces.

2 - Choice of TV Unit

The right choice of TV unit would elevate the look of the living room. Mounting your TV unit with custom-designed modern cabinets which could be covering the bottom half of the wall would create the cleanest look. These cabinets would look seamless and minimalistic with the use of tip-on doors or even hidden handles.

3 - Create Your Statement Piece

Picking the right wall to display your statement piece can be the most difficult yet fun decision to make. Choose a primary wall, (this could be behind your tv unit, or a wall that is right across to your living space), and designing an elegant wall panel or a bar unit can help to the custom look that you try to achieve. Check out our custom-designed wall panels to get inspired.

4 - Color Palette's Beauty

Sticking to a color palette during the design process saves time and energy when trying to match the furniture and the accessories to each other. Although during the design process, colors and textures can be too good to resist, sticking to a choice of color palettes and textures would be the best decision. In order to create a flourishing look for your living room, adding textures that go together while keeping the touch of a custom look would help you the most.

5 - Simplicity is the Key

Although straight edges and fine-defined finishes can be considered modern perhaps trying round finishes for your cabinets or furniture would also give you the modern look. This would add some mood to the space while keeping it elegant and minimal

6 - Create Warmth By Displaying Books

Custom built-ins are the key to elevating your space. Designing a custom library for your living room can help you achieve a cozy look while giving your storage and display space.

7 - Hiding Your Doors

Keeping your doors hidden from view can be one of the easiest ways to create an illusion of an endless look for your living room. The doors that open to your private spaces in your house, such as your bathrooms, bedrooms, or laundry room can be invisible with hidden doors. This look would be completed with the same material used on the panels which cover the wall or it can even be the same with the cabinets that would be designed for the bar area or the storage units.

8 - Extend To Outside

Opening your space with a large window will change the way your feel in your living room. Nature should be incorporated into the design and windows are the greatest way to accomplish this. The total connection between the interior and the exterior can be achieved with a large living room that opens to an air terrace.
9 - Create Different Zones
It is easy to visually separate the different zones in the house with the right choices of rugs. A balanced look can be completed with a beautiful couch that goes well with the rest of your living room.
10 - Achieving Your Style with Restrictions
In some cases, you may have areas that have columns that affect the way you may want to design your space, but these can be incorporated into the design. Panels can play a big role in this process. Covering unwanted columns with a texture and color that goes with the overall living space can change the way you move in your living room.