Choose the Right Quality Materials for Your Bathroom To Achieve the Custom Look


Planning a bathroom remodel is a challenging experience since the space needs to be beautiful and comfortable although also must be durable to stand up to tons of abuse like the humidity of showers, cleaning products, and water splashes. Choosing the right material for this room is the key to designing. There are a few criteria to follow to get budget-friendly and custom-looking bathrooms.

It is important to focus on the quality of the material when deciding on one. Each option offers its benefits, and many of them can be used in different areas of the bathroom, which makes it a good choice. Although the variety of spaces can make the design process fun, the bathroom floor, walls, and cabinet materials are crucial to designing. Durable bathroom materials need to be long-lasting and high quality.

It is best to start working on your vanity when you have a clear vision of how the bathroom will look according to your design choices. Drilling down to the design details, such as the hardware and the lighting would help you to get a good start. To meet your goals, having a budget in mind and an idea of a time frame would make the design process quicker and more effective as well.

Choosing The Right Materials

Starting to design the bathroom, the choice of tiles for the flooring and the walls complete the custom-designed look. As you start to choose the floor, it is important to consider the vanity’s colors, textures, and sizes. Later, choosing the right countertop and backsplash is as important too. The materials should improve the bathroom’s aesthetic, usefulness, and of course efficiency.
Floating bathroom vanities (also known as wall-hung vanities) are a new hit in the design world since they do not take up much space and look clean and simple. Hanging the cabinets to the wall as a floating vanity creates a modern and delightful look in the bathrooms.
These cabinets have shorter bases than traditional modules and appear to be floating while taking up less visual space in the room. Proper installation for these types of cabinets is important not to miss, and the job needs to be done by a professional. D’Cassa’s designs and manufacturing skills help to create your dream space. Our high-end designs are tested to be of the best quality and installed by our professionals.

Learn Where Your Plumbing Is Located


Remember that plumbing is the one thing that will have a say when creating your dream bathroom. It would dictate where your vanity should be located and changing it would cost time and money. It is good to note that floor-mounted vanities may have a different plumbing layout compared to flooring vanities where you might have to move your plumbing hookups up.

After talking to an expert who can inform you how to approach your plumbing, it is important to compare the cost with your budget to work out your project’s needs. Keeping the existing plumbing, water, and electrical features in the room would minimize the scale of your project. When planning a new layout for your bathroom, take a time to reflect on how each person will be moving in this space and how you plan to live with the satisfaction of each feature.

Share the Comfort

Sharing small bathrooms stopped becoming an issue. Couples, siblings, and roommates can have freedom and comfort from their sinks. During the remodeling or building stage, it is important to consider the end user of these vanities and the space of the room to calculate if having double sinks creates enough space to move around the bathroom.
It is important to consider the end user of this bathroom and design it according to their needs and wants. So, if the design will be completed for someone who likes to do their makeup and hair, it would be important to talk to the expert and consider having a large counter space with enough storage to accommodate the supplies. You can also consider adding a built-in custom vanity table between your double sinks or designing a small movable bench.