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Sophistication Meets Innovation: A Detailed Look at Our Miami Beach Kitchen Design

Introducing our exquisite kitchen model at Miami Beach, a masterpiece of modern design and technical precision. Spanning a generous 35.78 m², this kitchen merges sleek aesthetics with cutting-edge functionality, tailored for those who cherish both form and performance.

The cabinetry, a pivotal feature of this space, showcases the seamless integration of form and function. The upper cabinets boast 18 mm MDF doors finished in RAL9003 high gloss lacquer, presenting a luminous and inviting façade. The body of the cabinets, crafted from 18 mm double-faced F238 trend grey MDF laminate, offers a subtle contrast, lending a contemporary edge to the design. The backs are finished in the same trend grey with a thickness of 8 mm, maintaining a consistent theme throughout.

Our unique sarkık handles enhance the sleek, uninterrupted lines of the upper cabinets, while the lower cabinets echo this modernity with RAL7044 high gloss lacquered fronts and gola handles painted to match, blending effortlessly into the overall design.

The tall cabinets are a statement of elegance, their doors also adorned with RAL9003 high gloss lacquer, complementing the minimalist appeal. These, too, are fitted with gola handles, this time in a striking RAL9003 high gloss, ensuring a harmonious blend across different elements.

The base and crown moldings, fashioned from the same materials as the cabinet doors, add a cohesive and polished finish to the entire structure. The base stands at a height of 12 cm, while the crown molding elegantly caps the top at 10 cm.

Functionality is further enhanced by the open countertop shelf, a substantial 5 cm thick MDF slab finished in RAL9003 high gloss lacquer, offering both display space and easy access. The column-mounted shelf unit is no less impressive, with an 18 mm MDF back panel in RAL7044 high gloss lacquer and shelves in RAL9003, creating a beautiful and practical display area.

The hardware selected for this kitchen is of the highest standard, with Hettich providing the 100 DRC Sensys hinges in chrome, known for their durability and soft-closing elegance. The drawers are equipped with the Hettich Innotech system, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.

Illumination is key in creating ambiance and functionality, which is why we have incorporated 4000k LED lighting under the upper cabinets, providing both task lighting and a warm, inviting glow.

This kitchen is not just a part of a home; it’s a centerpiece of innovation and design, located in the vibrant heart of Miami Beach. Every inch and feature is meticulously crafted to offer an unrivaled culinary experience in a space where every moment becomes a cherished memory.

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