Grandmillennial Design Ideas to Achieve the Homey Look on Trend

The grandmillennial style incorporates both traditional and contemporary aspects. Grandmillennial design embraces dated decors, such as floral-patterned china plates, and prints, to sleek contemporary interiors.

What is the Shabby Chic Style?

Although interior design may not be your cup of tea, you may have heard of designing modern spaces with a vintage touch. The comforting, nostalgic looks bring back the patterned textured pieces of furniture. The latest version of this “granny chic” combines dark wood and patterned details with a modern twist. Although, shabby chic can also be much more than a trend. It is a lifestyle choice that encourages you to design what feels comfortable and practical for your home.
These days the shabby chic style is the new hit, and the design choice started to be preferred by many. Shabby chic is perfect for sustainability and keeping it eco-friendly. To make it yours, breaking conventions and developing your style is essential. Shabby chic allows you to decorate to blend. Designing with a hint of coastal charm, the beach style or French panache can go a long way. The roots of the shabby designs go back to the country, farmhouse style. Get inspired by some rustic kitchen ideas for a boutique, bohemian-designed house.

Ideas For Applying The Shabby Chic Style To Your Home

Be Bold, Use Textures

Grandmillennial takes all the appreciation from our grandmother’s houses and gives it a new life for the present. The designs blend transitional style with modernism maximizing all the small elements. The shabby chic becomes perfect with the floral-printed wallpaper and gilded mirrors. The cushions, wallpapers, and curtains with toile, plaid, and stripe textures create the best shabby chic decors. Maximizing furniture with a nostalgic touch brings elegance into homes.

Treasure the Collections

Vintage brass items are a big deal for this design choice! The antique, vintage accessories kept behind the chic glass cabinets create the best look for shabby designs. Collections of china, silver, and crystals look fabulous and your family heirlooms would be perfect to showcase. Shaker model cabinet door finishes are a great choice for these glass cabinets. Solid wood colors give warmth while the interior design opens up the space. The use of wood on the counter or on the cabinet doors also brings a natural touch to the inside.

Consider adding wooden shelves on the walls and chopping boards onto the counter. Adding colorful
teacups to the cabinets also gives personality to the space. Bringing greenery into the house is another significant
complementing element. Opening up the windows, and creating relaxing sceneries are the key. While you are on the
walls, hanging plates, and colorful art frames would also add to the shabby chic look.

Add Some Color

Using colors in your kitchen designs helps to create this shabby chic character. Green for example is a typical Grandmillennial style. Using a green color palette with soft pastels and a combination of lighter woodwork or white creates a transitional look. This simple design resembles our grandmother’s houses and comforts us. There is true beauty in the blue and the white as well. The combination of these colors brings light to the wallpaper, home décor, and even the tableware. Wallpapers can transform any space to be more pleasing and designs can help to make it homier. Picking out a core color on your walls and complementing it with the same shade for the cabinets is a great way to start on the use of colors. The classic wooden farmhouse table adds character to the space. The mismatched seats, chic cutlery set, and colorful customized plates will open up the doors to the beauty of your style.

Change Up the Appliances and the Hardware

Adding a unique touch changes the character of the home. Investing in the appliances, plumbing fixtures, and hardware like the handles, and lights fixtures will help to create the timeless charming look you try to achieve. Although appliances seem the least exciting part of the kitchens, they add rather pleasing looks. The gorgeous old-style ranges and refrigerators help to give character to the rooms. There is also true beauty in the rustic exposed brickwork with the solid wood finish in the cabinetry.

Layering is the Key

Kitchens rugs, wall decors, colorful curtains, and cushions, all the layering pieces help to adapt to the shabby chic style. Simple yet elegant touches complete the design and make the space timeless. Embrace your statement pieces and create the dream look.